Our mission is to build a healthier life for you with compassion and excellence.  

  • To keep you out of hospital where possible. 
  • To serve in a way that is responsive to your changing needs. 
  • To holistically promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. 
  • To extend our care to our neighbouring pacific islands. 
  • To be responsible stewards of the environment, economic resources and societal roles.



Respect, kindness, care and dignity for you.


Working as a team to care for you.

Clinical Outcomes

Aiming to achieve better health outcomes for you.


Our vision is to deliver healthier lives to our Brisbane community now and to the Pacific Islands in the medium term.



Dr Linh Cheung

Dr. Linh Cheung

Director, MBBS (Qld) FRACGP

Dr Linh is an experienced and caring GP who loves General Practice for the variety and the continuity of care she is able to provide. She is passionate about helping her patients improve their health care journey through compassion, collaboration and better clinical outcomes. Dr Linh has a keen interest in paediatrics, women’s health and wellbeing, mental health concerns and chronic medical conditions. She has obtained her Certificate of Sexual and Reproductive health with Family Planning Queensland and is trained in Implanon insertions.

Dr Linh has volunteered in overseas medical missions which has motivated her to seek opportunities to serve similar communities in the pacific. She has lived in Brisbane most of her life, busy raising three children with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, travelling and catching up with friends and family.


Dr Ian Cheung

Dr. Ian Cheung (QCOS Spine)

Director, Orthopaedic Surgery - Spinal Surgery, Orthopaedics, Spine Surgery


Dr Cheung has an interest in all areas of adult spinal conditions, and utilises both open and minimally invasive techniques in the management of acute and chronic spinal disorders. His practice encompasses the management of cervical, thoracic and lumbar conditions including: disc protrusions, radiculopathies, nerve entrapment syndromes; degenerative disc disease and arthritic conditions; spinal deformities (spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, kyphosis), trauma, infections, and, tumour

Dr Ian Cheung obtained his undergraduate medical degree at The University of Queensland before completing a fellowship in orthopaedic surgery through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Further subspecialty training was undertaken at the Singapore General Hospital which is considered a regional centre for minimally invasive spinal surgery and spinal deformity surgery. Upon his return to Brisbane, Dr Cheung completed a second post-graduate fellowship in spinal surgery.


Jo Mak Physiotherapist Rehab

Joanne Mak (My Rehab Team)

APA Titled Neurological Physiotherapist (BPhty, MSc (Rehab))

Director of My Rehab Team and leading a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, podiatrist and speech therapists. 

Joanne Mak is passionate about enabling people to be excited about their potential through rehabilitation. Working in community rehabilitation for many years in the UK has grounded her strong belief in the significant benefits of community based service. The completion of a Masters degree in Rehabilitation further consolidated her view and understanding.

Today, she is the principal of My Rehab Team. She is also a clinical tutor and delivers lectures at UQ.  Additionally, she is the secretary for Queensland Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Network (QPRN).

Jacob Cavanagh Physiotherapist

Jacob Cavanagh (My Rehab Team)

Physiotherapist, Funcational Capacity Assessor (BPhty)

Jacob’s skills and interests include dry needling, musculoskeletal intervention and spinal conditions.

A physiotherapist can retrain your body to regain physical ability and independence. Jacob has specific skills in assessing and managing pain.

Some of the modalities Jacob uses include – motor relearning, therapeutic exercises, functional electrical stimulation, postural and positioning advice, prescription of aids, orthosis and equipment, dry needling, electrotherapy, and so on.

Darcie Rehbien Exercise Physiologist

Darcie Rehbein (My Rehab Team)

Exercise Physiologist (BClinExPhys)

Darcie is passionate about getting everyone exercising for half an hour every day!

An exercise physiologist is an expert on how exercise affects your muscles, bones, lungs, heart, hormone regulation, and more. This is why Darcie can guide you on exercising for specific rehabilitation or general fitness.

Darcie can also help clients to develop new healthy routines to better manage any medical condition they may have. Holistic approach is the hallmark of exercise physiology as they work alongside other allied health disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry.

Angeline (Back To Basics Dietetics)

Dietitian (M.Nutr.Diet(PHN), B.Sc.Microb., APD, AN)

Angeline is the founder of Back to Basics Dietetics (BBDiet) and a wholefood Dietitian Nutritionist. She is passionate about practising what she preaches and helping others to live healthier lives. Some of her special interests include:

  • Sustainable weight management
  • Diabetes management
  • High cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Gut health (IBS, food intolerances and sensitivities)
  • Plant-based and vegetarian nutrition
  • Cancer nutrition
  • Women’s health (e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), pre- and post-menopause syndrome, Endometriosis)
  • Autoimmune disease management (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Coeliac disease)
  • Other chronic conditions

With over 13 years experience working in the health care industry, Angeline has seen great transformation on many people who are willing to give their health a go by taking that very first step towards healthy living.

Female Staff Silhouette

Tiffany Yuen (My Rehab Team)

Occupational Therapist (BOccthy)

Tiffany has a wide range of skills and experience; however, her specialty is assisting and training those who have suffered from a stroke with movement of their upper limbs.

Tiffany’s Occupational Therapy skills include the rehabilitation of arm function, memory and problem-solving ability; the management of fatigue; the reduction of swelling and scar. She can make recommendations for structural modifications, prescribe aids and equipment to aid your safety and independence function at home. 

Grace - Speech Pathologist

Grace Harris (My Rehab Team)

Speech Therapist (CPSP)

Grace has two degrees, Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science and Master’s in Speech Pathology Studies. Speech Pathologist’s understand that communication is a fundamental human right, and everyone should be given a voice to participate in whatever their chosen path in life.

Speech Pathologist’s specialise in many areas of communication including language, speech, fluency and voice, as well as disorders involving swallowing.

Grace’s expertise includes adult neurological conditions, pediatric speech therapy and is also experienced in educating and monitoring infant feeding. She can specifically assist your communication in a relevant context. She can also address the dietary issues caused by your swallowing difficulty. 

Sue McIntosh Podiatrist

Sue McIntosh (My Rehab Team)

Podiatrist (BHSc (Podiatry))

Sue has a special interest in sports, diabetes and health and fitness. Through her extensive work history, she has worked with the Broncos and Queensland Bulls! 

Sue focuses on managing problems originating from the foot and ankle including the skin and nails. She can prescribe appropriate footwear and orthosis.

Sue can also identify and address problems with the way you walk and some common problems we encounter in people with a neurological condition such as in-grown toenail, footdrop, and spasticity in muscles of the toes, foot and ankle.


Jasmin Receptionist


Senior Receptionist

Jasmin is a Senior Medical Receptionist with many years of experience in the medical industry. Jasmin has always had a passion for helping people and since relocating to Brisbane, is now dedicated to assisting Medsana provide quality health care to the people within the Brisbane and Pacific Island communities. 

Outside of work, Jasmin has an interest in photography and exploring the great outdoors.

April Receptionist



April is a compassionate medical receptionist dedicated to providing Medsana patients with a smooth and pleasant experience. 

Coming from a rural background, April is passionate about ensuring all members of the community receive quality health care. 

During her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors and practising Yoga.

Jada Receptionist



Studying at university level in the medical field herself, Jada understands the importance of high quality healthcare. 

Jada has a passion for helping others with genuine empathy and focus.  She is keen to help the community build healthier lives.  

In her free time, Jada enjoys reading and playing sport.