Other Medical Services

Other services to help you on your health journey

Smoking, Alcohol or Drug Addictions

We will work with you to stop smoking, reduce or cease alcohol and other drugs.  Addiction to prescription medications can be a challenging problem for people, we are here to help.

Reducing or Ceasing Alcohol

If you’re considering reducing your alcohol intake, it’s important to consult with your doctor. Your doctor can help you assess your drinking habits and determine the best course of action for your individual needs and health.

Here are a few points you may want to consider mentioning to encourage someone to see their doctor about reducing their alcohol intake:

Personal health: Drinking less alcohol can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall physical and mental health.

Doctor’s expertise: Doctors are trained medical professionals who can provide personalized recommendations and guidance on reducing alcohol consumption.

Monitoring progress: Regular check-ins with your doctor can help track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

Safe and gradual reduction: Your doctor can help you implement a safe and gradual reduction plan to avoid any potential harmful effects.

Improved quality of life: Reducing alcohol intake can lead to improved relationships, increased energy levels, better sleep, and greater overall satisfaction with life.

Encouraging someone to see their doctor about reducing their alcohol intake can be a difficult but important step towards a healthier and happier future. With the support and guidance of a medical professional, reducing alcohol consumption can become a positive and fulfilling experience.

Senior man at addiction class

Other Services

  • My Rehab Team
  • NDIS Support Coordination 
  • Toenail procedures – A consult with Dr Tina Fang is required beforehand to assess suitability.
  • Conners 3 Online questionnaire for Parents, Teachers and Child Self-Report as part of the ADHD Assessment.
  • Infant and Toddler Feeding Classes – TBA
  • Exercise Classes on Saturday mornings.
  • The Marriage Course – TBA
The marriage course

The Marriage Course

Coming soon. 

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