Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Workplace, Driving, Drug & Alcohol Medical Assessments

Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

  • Certified Workplace Drug & Alcohol Collector
  • Over 15 Years General Practice Experience

Investing in the health of your employees has shown to significantly boost the health and long term success.

Pre-employment medical assessments enables your business to mitigate risk and determine whether an individual’s abilities to safely perform their job without injury. 

At Medsana our team of health professionals can provide various medical assessments including:

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Return to work plans
  • Site visits if necessary with treating GP
  • Collaborative work with “Job in Jeopardy”
  • Urine analysis
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Vision assessment inc. colour blindness
  • Spirometry – assessing respiratory function and capacity. 
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) – assessing heart health and activity. 
  • Vaccinations

In addition to the above standard inclusions, additional patient data such as height, weight, blood pressure and a general assessment of medical history are collected to identify any risks to the patient’s health or their ability to perform in the specified job.


  • Physical Examination (30 mins) – $121.00 (inc. GST)
  • WorkCover & Return to Work plans – Charged to Insurer

Private & Commercial Driving Medical Assessments

  • Commercial Vehicle Standard
  • Private Vehicle Standard

Assessing your medical fitness to drive

Our GP’s will assess your medical fitness to drive.

When making an appointment please advise our reception staff of the reason for your visit, so that an appropriate length appointment can be made for you.

When you attend your appointment, take with you a medical certificate for motor vehicle driver form (F3712). You can get a hard copy of this form at a transport and motoring customer service centre.

It is recommended that you also complete the health questionnaire on page 1 of the Private and Commercial Vehicle Driver’s Health Assessment form (F3195) prior to attending your appointment as this information will assist your doctor with undertaking their medical assessment.

Your medical fitness to drive will be assessed against medical standards that are the same across all Australian driver licensing jurisdictions.

There are 2 medical standards:

  • private vehicle driver standard
  • commercial vehicle standard.

You will be assessed against the standard of driver licence that you hold, or apply for and the purpose for which you drive, or plan to drive.


  • Commercial Driving Assessment – $121.00 (inc. GST)
  • Private Driving Assessment – Covered by Medicare.
    eg. Over 75 years old.
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"We are embedding health and well-being at the heart of our business strategy because our people are our greatest asset, and we recognize that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success."

Alex Gourlay, MD, Boots UK

Drug & Alcohol Medical Assessments

Did You Know?

Drug and Alcohol use costs Australian workplaces an estimated $6 billion per year in lost productivity!

Filling card health status workplace

Under Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, employers have the responsibility to provide a health and safe working environment, and to identify and manage hazards in the workplace. As a part of this responsibility, screening for the presence of Alcohol and Other Drugs within Australian workplaces is becoming increasingly important and more common.

Medsana Medical Clinic is now offering Drug and Alcohol Screening, conducted by a Certified Workplace Drug and Alcohol Collector. Drug and Alcohol Screening for personal matters, outside of the workplace, are also available.


  • Drug Screen & Alcohol Breathalyser Report – $77.00 (inc. GST)
  • Extra charge for Laboratory Confirmation for Non-Negative results
    (if necessary/required)