Ensuring the safety of our patients, practitioners & staff

Our Key Covid-19 Points

Masks Required

Masks are to be worn at all times.

In Car Appointments

Patients with Covid-19 symptoms regardless of vaccination status and Covid PCR swab results will need to be seen in the car park. Call reception for further instructions.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Your visit to Medsana may require a Roche Rapid Antigen test ($50) just prior to your scheduled appointment time.

The test takes between 15-30mins and will be conducted in the carpark. This requirement may apply to procedures or visits that take longer than 15mins and in the context of heightened risk. The cost for the Rapid Antigen Test will be privately charged and will be additional to the consultation or procedure cost. Your home Rapid Antigen Test is not a suitable substitute. Our friendly receptionists will give support and guidance.

Medsana Car Parking


Unvaccinated Patients

Age Group Description
Children: <16 years old Able to attend in clinic as long as parents/guardians are fully vaccinated and are able to show evidence of their vaccination status. If parents/guardians are not vaccinated, the clinic and practitioner will determine the next best course of action.
Adults >16 years old (voluntarily unvaccinated and exempt) To be seen in the carpark.
Patient to wear surgical mask.
Adults >16 year old presenting for vaccination during a vaccination clinic session Able to attend the clinic for purposes of a COVID-19 vaccination. Must be well and pass screening questions. Subject to Public Health risk as determined by Queensland Health.

Vaccinated Patients

Can be seen within the clinic while wearing a surgical mask and passes the screening questions.
Reception will check patients’ vaccination proof upon entry.

Non-Disclosing Patients

If patients do not want to disclose their vaccination status, they will need to be seen in the car park to ensure the safety of other patients and staff within the practice. No proof, no access.  

Covid-19 Positive Patients

  • We will only be able to provide healthcare to our existing patients. NO NEW PATIENTS. 
  • Payment by Credit/Debit Card over phone only.
  • Subject to acceptance and availability of the practitioner(s).
Method Type Description
Telehealth - Private Fees Existing patients are able to do telehealth via phone or video call.
Face-to-Face - Private Fees This will only be when absolutely necessary and by invite only. If a patient is attending in the clinic, they must enter through the back door (Kitchen) and must not enter communal areas (foyer, lift, etc).
Home visit - Private Fees At the practitioner’s discretion.

BSPHN will be supplying Pulse Oximeters for COVID-19 Positive patients to use at home. The patient will need to either get a family member/friend to collect from the clinic or someone from Medsana Medical can deliver for a fee.

Care will be provided in accordance with the RACGP Covid-19 Home Care Guidelines.  Subject to acceptance and availability of the practitioner(s).  Fees will apply.


Subject to availability. 

Updated 16 December 2021