National Nutrition Week

This week is National Nutrition Week and what better way to celebrate than by eating more veggies!

We know that veggies are great for our health, yet did you know you should aim for 5 veg a day? Currently only 7% of Aussie adults and 5% of Aussie kids eat the recommended serves of vegetables each day!

Nutrition Australia’s Try for 5 campaign can help you to ‘get more the most out of your veg’ – saving you money, reducing waste and getting more veg in your day.

Learn how to make the most out of your veg with simple and effective strategies such as planning ahead, shopping smart, correct storage of your veg, loving your leftovers and even growing your own.

Visit the Try For 5 website for simple, helpful tips, delicious new vegetable recipes and videos


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This article was written by Kristin Maggacis ((MDietSt) Masters of Dietetics Studies, (BENS) Bachelor of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences.